Best Property Management System

The right property management system(PMS) is a key factor in hotel success. Having a system that makes front desk work flows easy, will create a seamless guest experience.

Managing a property involves handling lot of different roles yourself. You have to work with tenants, fill vacancies, balance your books, and solve maintenance issues. But the right software can make juggling these tasks a lot simpler. Finner PMS is the best property management system for managing your property. It’s a robust and comprehensive solution without an enterprise-grade price tag, whether you manage one property or dozens.

More accommodation business recognizes the need to work as efficiently as possible to streamline operations. Working with a cloud-based PMS system can help you manage your property from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

PMS capabilities have expanded beyond core functions like room inventory, reservations, housekeeping and assigning guests to rooms, to include all areas of hotel operations. It is so much easier to integrate with third-party technologies, including channel managers, point-of-sale systems, payment gateways and accounting systems.

With the abundance of new technology in the property management systems industry, there is no time like the present to upgrade your PMS. With Finner PMS, hospitality businesses and property owners can organize, schedule, and manage their daily operations efficiently.

Finner PMS helps hotels, both small& independent, and groups to handle Property operations, Finances, Marketing, and end-to-end solutions to enable quantitative growth.

Our easy-to-use software automates and streamlines operations, saves man-hours, and helps serve guests better.

With Finner PMS, get:

•          Common dashboard to manage all your properties.

•          Complete Financial Health of the Business

•          Customizable alerts.

•          QR code enabled guest app

•          Boost Direct Bookings & Cut Dependency on OTAs

Our Property Management System is usable across all Travel Sector Businesses. Hotel, Bnb, Vacation Rental, Real Estate, Tours & Travel Companies can use the Finner Website Platform & PMS. 

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