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QR code enabled | Slick and easy to use | Up to 20% increase in F&B & Service billing.


Instant Setup & Common Back-End

QR Code Enabled Guest App Guests pre order F&B, Services before they arrive. Own the entire client experience

Make More Revenue

Get Consolidated GST Reports & Invoices Cut Bad debt, Fraud & Missed Bills to 0 on & Cash (Petty) Register

Make Each Stay Memorable

QR Code Enabled Guest App Guests pre order F&B, Services before they arrive. Own the entire client experience

Modern & Flexible

List your top App features and details with elegance and style.

The 5 Star Experience

Guests can see your info-book, Pre order snacks, place requests and so much more. Make your property stand out with the stunning guest app.

Stunning E-Menu

Never print physical menus again ! Update your prices and description for all items and never print physical menus again.

QR Code Enabled

Your guests can just scan the QR code and begin to use the app.


Everybody loves the Finner PMS

" We have been using the FINNER PMS to manage our 25 properties in Indonesia, and it has been very useful for us "

Alex villas Indonesia, 25 Properties
“We started using the FINNER PMS 3 months ago across all our properties in Aruba, our direct bookings have now gone up by 45%
Alessandra Gil Martins
Premier Villas Aruba

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The best property management app should include features such as comprehensive reservation management, guest communication tools, housekeeping scheduling, automated billing and invoicing, maintenance tracking, inventory management, multi-channel integration for online bookings, and detailed reporting and analytics.

The best PMS app streamlines operations by automating routine tasks, providing real-time updates, and enabling seamless communication between staff and guests. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced manual workload, better resource allocation, and enhanced guest satisfaction.

Yes, the best property management app is scalable and designed to cater to the needs of both small and large properties. It offers customizable features and flexible pricing plans to accommodate various types of properties, from boutique hotels to large hotel chains and serviced apartments.

Yes, the best PMS app is designed to integrate seamlessly with various other systems and tools such as CRM software, payment gateways, channel managers, smart room technologies, and accounting software. This integration ensures a cohesive and efficient property management experience.

The best property management app is highly user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface and easy navigation. It provides training resources, tutorials, and customer support to ensure that property managers and staff can quickly adapt to the system and utilize its features effectively.