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" We have been using the FINNER PMS to manage our 25 properties in Indonesia, and it has been very useful for us "

Alex villas Indonesia, 25 Properties
“We started using the FINNER PMS 3 months ago across all our properties in Aruba, our direct bookings have now gone up by 45%”
Alessandra Gil Martins
Premier Villas Aruba

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The Finner’s PMS caters to various use cases such as managing reservations, guest communications, housekeeping, billing, and reporting, among others.

The Finner PMS automates tasks like booking management, check-ins and check-outs, room assignments, inventory control, and payment processing, enhancing operational efficiency.

Yes, The Finner’s PMS offers seamless integration with booking engines, channel managers, POS systems, and accounting software for a comprehensive hotel management solution.

The Finner PMS enables personalized guest communication, quick check-ins, mobile access to services, and smooth billing processes, enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

The Finner PMS provides insights into pricing strategies, demand forecasting, occupancy rates, and revenue analysis, empowering hotels to optimize revenue and profitability.