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We keep improving the Finner CMS continuously, so you will get a lot of free advancements and features. We keep improving the metrics that help your guests have a great experience and for you to keep improving direct bookings and search rankings

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Add more properties, integrate new softwares. The possibilities are endless! Finner CMS can support up to 5,000 properties on a single site. So you focus on your guests and growth while we handle all your technology requirements as you scale up


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Hotels usually list their rooms on many OTAs. While OTAs bring a lot of bookings for you and you possibly need to impart a part to them when individuals really book with you, yet it is progressively valuable to energize direct appointments for your lodging.

Benefits of direct bookings for your hotels:

Increase in Revenue:
 If people book your rooms directly by using an advanced booking engine, you will not have to give a portion of your profits to OTAs. This way you will earn more profits and it will increase your revenue.

Up-selling Services: If people book directly with you, you have the opportunity to offer and up-sell your other services to them. This leads to more sales for your other services and also promotes.

Loyalty Building: If people book directly with you, you can also make them your loyal and returning guests by offering them rewards for booking directly. It will help you build loyal customers for your hotels.

Increases Brand Visibility: If you encourage direct bookings on your hotel website, you will also increase your hotel’s online visibility and attract new guests for hotels.

Most travel websites fall into one of the handful of categories – multi city accommodation, single location accommodation, tours and travels, Service apartments or Boutique property (or a combination of these). The user experience in terms of expectations is very well structured as consumers have been using booking sites for many years now (Airbnb etc). Hence it is essential that the website be structured (also important for Google as it understands / scrapes the information for better search results / SEO). Finner CMS has evolved taking into account all these factors. Meanwhile, WordPress which evolved as a blogging platform cum website builder. WordPress is really good for content heavy websites but not good for E-commerce / E-services websites like Travel sites. The unstructured nature of WordPress / presence of multiple plugin complicates the process of web development.

In terms of setting up its important to have all the information you require for your hotel like photos, amenities, contact and prices. You can then use the backend just like an Airbnb or backend to create your website. The website can have a multi or single property setup – also you can integrate any of the booking engines you want with this website. The website can be up and running in 10 days or less (depending on the availability of the content and photos etc).

Absolutely! Travel portals are essentially e-services websites that give users the ability to navigate by various dimensions(eg- date, city, activity type) and read details, reviews, navigate photos, view location details and the like. This search will hopefully result in the user then selecting to either contact you or even book the activity or the accommodation directly. This is almost e-commerce like in its development. We build various portals for Airbnb businesses, service apartments as well as Travel aggregators (Tours companies etc). An example of a tours company portal is here – TripDonkey.

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