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FINNER CMS (Website & Mobile)

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FINNER CMS comes with an integrated booking engine, and options to scale up and connect to many channel managers and OTAs. Features like failed booking alerts, AI chat-bot, automatic customer offers will ensure that you never have any more unsold inventory!

SEO & Digital Marketing

Built for social promotion

Uses the right social media marketing tools which leads to the potential customer directly. Aligns SEO with Social Media Marketing to ensure maximum effect on traffic and Google keyword rank. Keeps you updated about SEO performance.

Custom Development

Accessible on all your devices

Develops website as per customer’s needs, helps reduce your current technology limitations by improving the existing setup, helps upgrade your existing technology and pushes you ahead in the competition.

Integrated Solutions

Backed by an amazing support team

Provides a need gap analysis based on your business requirement and implements the appropriate solutions for the same. Real time cash flow and guest billing update ensures real time fraud prevention. Provides regular performance monitoring and 24*7technical support.

Success - Case-Studies

You’ll Learn Lot

Case Studies from clients of different sectors, using FINNER PMS or the support services. From Bnbs to large scale hotels we have use cases of different

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