use case – PG & Hostel

Grow your Hostel/PG business with Finner PMS

Conventional PMS cannot accommodate multiple guests in a single room and makes billing impossible. FINNER PMS is specially designed for PGs and Hostels to manage multi guests rooms.

An Easy to use PMS - Manage All your guests from a single dashboard

Manage better and earn more

An all-in-one Finance module

Everything you need to be on top of your finance Game. Measure important financial metrics and take decisions that drives more revenue.

Create & Manage Bookings easily

Manage all your property bookings from one dashboard. With our multi calendar view, be on top of your bookings.

An mobile App for a 5 star experience.

Ready to take your Property
business to the next level?


Finner PMS simplifies billing and payment processing by integrating multiple payment gateways and offering automated invoicing. This ensures accurate and timely payments, reducing manual errors and improving financial management.

Finner PMS includes automated communication tools such as personalized messaging, email notifications, and SMS updates. These tools keep guests informed about their bookings, check-in/check-out procedures, and any important announcements or updates.

Finner PMS provides features for scheduling and tracking maintenance and housekeeping tasks. This ensures that all areas are well-maintained and clean, enhancing the overall guest experience and operational efficiency.

Finner PMS is designed for ease of use, with an intuitive interface and straightforward setup process. Comprehensive guides and customer support are available to help PG and hostel owners quickly get started and effectively utilize the system’s features.